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Receivable Accounting


Receivable Accounting

Receivables are current assets that represents the amount of proceeds that an entity is entitled to receive at present or in future. They arise as a result of transaction which may or may not be related to entity’s main operations. Receivables accounting mainly covers trade as well as non-trade receivables. Trade receivables originate from sales of goods or services in the ordinary course of business whereas Non-trade receivables originate from transactions that are outside the main course of business.

For increasing your operational efficiency, just outsource your receivable accounting process to E-tax. Our dedicated team facilitate precise transaction recording, overdue assessment and periodic reports for improved collection of dues and better management of cash flows. Our advanced techniques and practices ensures faster processing of transactions and better revenue generation. Our accounting process covers several aspects of receivables management such as:

  • Recognition of Goods or Services on Credit,
  • Processing of Returns and Credit Notes
  • Recording of Bad Debts and provision thereof
  • Treatment for Recognition of Cash Discounts
  • Preparation of Debtor Log sheet and Reconciliation
  • Outstanding receivables Aging Report
  • Other receivable related services

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