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Industrial Design Registration


Industrial Design Registration

Industrial Design refer to the 2D or 3D aspects of a product like pattern, color, lines, composition, shape, look and other visual features that makes it unique. The Designs Act, 2000 and Designs Rules, 2001 lawfully governs the registration of industrial design in India. E-tax rightfully understands the true worth of industrial designs. In order to preserve their value, we advance our quality support to clients who are willing to get their unique designs registered. We guide you through every step of the registration process.

Advantages of Industrial Design Registration
  • Advances exclusive right over the design
  • Develops into a valuable business asset
  • Prevents unauthorized use or replication
  • Provides legal remedies against infringements
Documents for Industrial Design Registration
  • Four copies of the Representation of Design
  • Power of Attorney in favor of design attorney
  • Novelty and disclaimer statement
  • Identity proof of applicant
Our Registration Process Inclusions
  • Consultancy in related to registration
  • Ensuring compliance of design laws
  • Inspecting if identical design already exists
  • Collection of information and documents
  • Procuring authorization power of attorney
  • Conducting verification and novelty search
  • Drafting the required documents
  • Preparation and filing of application
  • Handling objections and hearing
  • Issuance of design license

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