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Object Clause Change


Object Clause Change

Object clause is the third clause of memorandum of association of a company which states the:

  • Main objects describing the purpose for which the company is incorporated; and
  • Ancillary objects containing any other matter necessary for furtherance of main objects

E-Tax Service Offerings:
  • Preparation of necessary documents for change in object clause like altered MOA
  • Drafting of documents required to call and hold the required meetings like notice of meetings, certified true copy of resolutions and minutes
  • Filing of ROC form MGT-14 along with uploading of necessary attachments

Our Procedure for alteration of object clause
  • Drafting an altered Memorandum of Association
  • ssue notice to all the directors of company for calling the board meeting
  • Hold the meeting of Board of Directors and pass the following Board Resolutions:
    • To consider the alteration of object clause;
    • To approve notice of general meeting along with explanatory statement;
    • To fix day, date, time and venue for holding general meeting;
    • To authorize the director or company secretary to do such acts, deeds and things as may be necessary to give effect to the Board’s decision
  • Send notice of general meeting along with explanatory statement to those who are entitled to receive notice like directors, members, auditors and others
  • Obtain shareholders’ approval by passing a special resolution at the general meeting for alteration of object clause of memorandum of association of the company
  • Within 30 days of passing special resolution, file Form MGT-14 for notifying ROC along with the copy of the notice of general meeting with explanatory statement, certified true copy of the special resolution and other necessary attachments
  • Obtain certificate for registration of alteration from Registrar which serves as a conclusive evidence that company has complied with all the requirements

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