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Patent Filing


Patent Filling

Patent is an intellectual property that grants the inventor legal right over the invention’s creation, usage and trade for a limited period of time. In present scenario, Patent filing has emerged as major step that every inventor must take to safeguard his/her invention from unauthorized use or misuse. Patent registration is a complicated process which requires the right legal guidance of E-tax experts. Our professionals work hard to serve you with the best consultations all through the filing process.

Advantages of Patent Filing
  • Protects the idea and concept of invention
  • Provides exclusive access rights
  • Qualifies for royalty or consideration
  • Forms an essential intangible asset
Documents for Patent Filing
  • Drawings or abstracts of invention
  • Complete specifications of invention
  • Power of Attorney in favor of patent attorney
  • Declaration as to inventorship
  • Identity proof of applicant
Our Registration Process Inclusions
  • Consultancy in related to registration
  • Ensuring compliance of patent laws
  • Checking the uniqueness of invention
  • Collection of information and documents
  • Procuring authorization power of attorney
  • Conducting verification and patentability search
  • Drafting the required reports and documents
  • Preparation and filing of application
  • Handling objections and hearing
  • Issuance of patent license

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