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Filing of Charges


Filling Of Charges

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) governs the filing of forms in relation to creation, modification and satisfaction of charges under the Companies Act, 2013.

Following e-forms need to be filed by the companies to intimate the concerned Registrar of Companies:

Form CHG-1: For creation or modification of any charge on any property or assets of a company, whether in or outside India in tangible or any other form

Form CHG-9: For creation or modification of charge for debentures

Form CHG-4: For the satisfaction of charges

E-Tax Service Offerings
  • Collection of charge related information like nature, description, extent and terms
  • Gathering necessary documents in relation to charge like loan agreement, sanction letter, no objection certificate
  • Preparation and filing of specified ROC form along with necessary attachments

E-Tax Service Offerings:
  • Preparation of necessary documents for share capital increase like altered MOA and AOA
  • Drafting of documents required to call and hold the required meetings like notice of meetings, certified true copy of resolutions and minutes
  • Filing of ROC forms SH-7 and MGT-14 along with uploading of necessary attachments

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