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GST Assessment & Litigation


GST Assessment & litigation

E-tax provides the most effective and beneficial assessment and litigation solutions. With our wide experience and professional expertise we make sure to deliver the best of all guidance on associated legal matters.

Assessment under GST

Assessment means determination of GST liability under law. GST law provides for various assessment modes in order to facilitate compliance. Only self-assessment is done by the taxpayer himself, while other assessments are done by the tax authorities.

Our service coverage includes following assessments:

  • Provisional assessment
  • Scrutiny assessment Distributors
  • Best judgment assessment
  • Summary assessment Persons
  • Assessment of non-filers of returns
  • Assessment of unregistered persons

Litigation under GST

GST law has prescribed procedures and timelines for dispute resolution and litigations that needs to be adhered in order to avoid late fees/penalty. It is important for taxpayers to undertake the required legal remedy within the time prescribed by law.

Our scope of litigation support includes:

  • Representing the taxpayer before appropriate authority
  • Guiding clients about their rights under the GST law
  • Drafting any review / appeal applications
  • Preparing documentation for proceedings
  • Recommending possible arguments to put forth
  • Formulating an effective litigation strategy

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