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Copyright Registration


Copyright Registration

Copyright, is a form of intellectual property that represents original works or artistic works of literature, dramatic, music, cinematography, audio, poetry, novels, photograph, painting, speech, movies, songs, source code, architecture and more. E-tax can help safeguard your creative work. It is important to register your rights over creative work so as to ensure that no one copies or uses the same without your permission. By offering our expert registration services, we have managed to gain trust of several customers.

Advantages of Copyright Registration
  • Creates a lawful right of ownership
  • Enables owner to take legal action against infringement
  • Restricts unauthorized use or reproduction
  • Offers right to use, re-use and reproduce to creator
  • Provides economic benefits to creator
  • Develops an intangible property
Documents for Copyright Registration
  • Two copies of the work
  • DD/IPO per work
  • Power of Attorney in favor of copyright attorney
  • Prescribed No Objection Certificates
Our Registration Process Inclusions
  • Consultancy in related to registration
  • Ensuring compliance of copyright laws
  • Collection of information and documents
  • Procuring power of attorney
  • Drafting the required documents
  • Preparation and filing of application
  • Handling objections and hearing
  • Issuance of copyright license

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