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Appointment of Additional Director


Appointment of Additional Director

If you are considering to appoint an additional director without any hassles, E-tax experts are ready to help you at every step of appointment.

E-Tax Appointment Services
  • Ensured adherence to company law norms
  • Examination and Alteration (if required) of Articles of Association
  • Obtaining DIN and Digital Signature for new director
  • Drafting of Board Resolution, director appointment letter , Form DIR-8 (Intimation by Director about his disqualification) and Form DIR-2 (Consent to act as a Director), Form MBP-1 (Disclosure of interest)

Key Considerations for Appointment
  • Articles of Association (AOA) must authorize the Board of Directors with the power to appoint an Additional Director
  • Individual who is proposed to be appointed as an Additional Director must hold an active DIN and should not be a disqualified director
  • Person to be appointed as Additional Director is other than a person who failed to get appointed as a Director in a General Meeting
  • Additional Director shall hold office up to the next Annual General Meeting’s actual date or due date, whichever is earlier
  • After such appointment, total number of directors in the company must not exceed the prescribed limit

Procedure for Appointment
  • Check AOA for authorization. If not authorized by AOA, make necessary alterations
  • Proposed director must furnish his Active DIN, Form DIR-8 (Intimation by Director about his disqualification) and Form DIR-2 (Consent to act as a Director) along with necessary documents to the company
  • Additional Director can be appointed in Board Meeting either by passing of Board Resolution or by passing of Resolution through Circulation
  • Issue and appointment letter to the newly appointed Additional Director
  • Obtain declaration of interest in other entities in Form MBP-1 from appointed director within 30 days of appointment
  • File particulars of appointment of directorship in Form DIR-12 with Registrar along with necessary documents within 30 days of appointment
  • Making necessary entries in Register of Directors and Key Managerial Personals.

Documents required for Appointment
  • Certified true copy of the Board Resolution
  • Consent Letter
  • Letter of Appointment
  • Certificate of Eligibility
  • Declaration in form DIR-2 and DIR-8
  • Interest in other entities in Form MBP-1

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