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Due Dilligence


Due Dilligence

The term Due Diligence refers to the process of evaluating a business to arrive at a decision or to determine the business value for mergers, acquisition, investment, partnership or bank loan. Diligence reports play an important role in the process of negotiation and decision making. Our focus lies on delivering value-added services that enhances client’s business worth.

E-tax team is dedicated towards provision of business, financial, legal and tax due diligence which involves strategic business analysis for organizations that are considering existing business expansion, mergers, acquisitions, investments, partnerships. We undertake best business evaluation and analysis practices to generate valuable diligence reports

Our Key Focus Areas

Business Due Diligence

Our aim in business due diligence is to assess the company’s business operations and technical performance. We undertake complete review of internal business processes and technology assets to identify true business worth and scope of any improvements.

Financial Due Diligence

Our role in financial due diligence is to analyze the historical financial statements and future projections for the purpose of evaluating a proposed deal or any financial requirement or performance. It involves review of historic data, forecasts and funding arrangements

Tax Due Diligence

Our tax due diligence typically involves reviewing the adequacy of direct as well as indirect tax exposures and provisions. It helps in understanding the tax aspect of transaction which empowers stakeholders to make an informed decision.

Legal Due Diligence

Our legal due diligence process aims at understanding and assessing all the legal risks associated with an M&A process. Since several legal issues crop up, hence intervention of legal experts becomes necessary in most cases to draft legal documents and mitigate risks.

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