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Income-Tax Returns


Income Tax-Return

File your Income Tax Returns through E-tax

Income Tax Return shortly known as ITR is an official form for taxpayers who are required to declare taxable incomes, exempted incomes and taxes as per the provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961. E-tax provides both online and offline assistance for filing ITRs. Based on different types of taxpayers and income sources, main income tax return forms are categorized from ITR – 1 to ITR – 6. These forms need annual disclosure of confidential as well as private financial and personal information of taxable persons. Every taxpayer is required to ascertain the applicable ITR Form for filing their tax return. After determining the right form, we assist taxpayers at every step, be it computing of taxes, downloading of appropriate ITR utility, preparing and uploading ITR form.

Benefits of filing Income Tax Returns (ITR)
  • Builds financial credibility
  • Vital for loan approvals
  • Required for tender bidding
  • Essential for visa processing
  • Claim tax refunds and rebates
  • Carry forward of losses for set off

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