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Payable Accounting


Payable Accounting

Payable refers to the amount of proceeds owed by an entity to its vendors or suppliers. Payable accounting and management has always been a vital business process. For smooth functioning of a business entity, it is important for all to streamline their accounting process for payables. Proper management of payables not only improves the day to day performance of businesses but also improves the business efficiency.

Outsource your accounting payable process to E-tax for better management of your payables. Our accounting mechanism is intended to handle your payables in such a way that it ensures timely payment of bills with reduced costs on account of over dues. Our accounting for payable service covers all aspects of payments such as:

  • Processing of Purchase and Expense Bills
  • Recording of payment Invoices and Debit Notes
  • Reconciliation of Purchase Orders, and Returns
  • Preparation of Payable Ledgers and Reports
  • Tracking of Invoices and Payments
  • Other payable related services

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