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Import Export Code (IEC)

Import Export Code (IEC)

Introduction to Import Export Code (IEC):

The Import Export Code (IEC) is a unique 10-digit code issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) in India. Generally, it is Permanent Account Number of entity which is engaging in the import or export of goods and services from or to India.

Applicability of IEC:

  1. Goods Export: Any individual or entity involved in the export of goods from India to other countries requires an IEC. This includes merchants, manufacturers, traders, and exporters.
  2. Services Export: Service providers or entities providing services to clients located outside India also need an IEC.

Exemptions from IEC Requirement:

  1. Exemption for Certain Categories: Some categories of exporters, such as those exporting goods or services for personal use and not for commercial purposes, might be exempt from obtaining an IEC.

Process of Obtaining IEC:

  1. Application Submission: Applicants need to fill out the online or physical application form and submit it along with the required documents, such as PAN card, bank details, and identity/address proofs.
  2. Verification and Issuance: The concerned authority verifies the application and documents submitted. Upon successful verification, the IEC is issued to the applicant.
  3. Renewal and Compliance: The IEC is generally valid for a lifetime but might need renewal in case of any changes or updates in the information provided. Compliance with export-import regulations is essential.


The Import Export Code (IEC) is a crucial requirement for entities involved in exporting goods or services from India. It facilitates hassle-free trade transactions and ensures compliance with regulatory norms.

For detailed information on specific exemptions, application procedures, or any recent updates regarding IEC requirements, it is advisable to refer to the official DGFT website or consult with our legal experts.



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