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Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration

Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has simplified India's taxation system by subsuming various indirect taxes into one comprehensive tax. If you're a business owner, registering for GST is mandatory if your turnover exceeds the prescribed threshold. Here’s a breakdown of the registration process

GST Registration Procedure:

Step 1: Determine Eligibility


Check if your business meets the criteria for GST registration based on turnover and business type.

Step 2: Gather Documents

Collect the necessary documents such as PAN, Aadhaar, business incorporation certificate, address proof, bank account details, and business-specific documents.

Step 3: Online Application

Visit the GST portal and fill out the registration form (GST REG-01). Provide accurate information and upload the required documents.

Step 4: Verification

After submission, verify the application using EVC/ OTP generated through Aadhar. a GST officer will verify the application and documents. Any additional information or clarification may be requested.

Step 5: GSTIN Allocation

Upon successful verification, the GST Identification Number (GSTIN) is issued. This unique 15-digit number is your identity for all GST-related transactions.



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